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The Dark Lord Revalokai DeSataniablo in Darkness by D4rKMaTT3r The Dark Lord Revalokai DeSataniablo in Darkness by D4rKMaTT3r
"I am the Darkness..." - Revalokai

This is the Dark Lord Revalokai, the Supreme Lord of the Legion of the Black Star and Leader of the entire Kranx Army. He is the eldest Kranx, aging around 11.6 billion years old, although his very long life has never seen a bright day. Born eons after his brother Demaya, the stars gave him his name as it translates to "Future Demon" in the Ancient language. When Demaya found him, he had hoped that he could guide Revalokai towards a positive path, but the stars and the young Angel society thought differently. After receiving much discrimination from the Angels, Revalokai began to criticize his brother's intentions and thus vanished from the Holy Lands. Away from the City of Light, he began to absorb darkness into his body from the depths of space. With this, he created sins to form corruption in souls so that he could form a new race. Once souls began to be corrupted by the sins, he collected them and forged them to become a new race. The Ancients living outside of the Holy Lands dubbed the dark race Kranx (kränks), which means "The Mistaken" in their language. The reason for this name is that since Demaya mistakenly misinterpreted the stars' warnings about Revalokai, they were created. Revalokai was responsible for instigating a massive war between the Angels and his army of Kranx beings. This tragic war was known as the Great War. During the 2,000-year war, the Ancients were slowly wiped out during the battles and sieges. Revalokai was condemned for this and his body was incinerated and his bones shattered into fragments to be scattered across the Universe. The Kranx did not give up on their leader and thus searched for his remains for 11 million years until all the fragments were collected. To distract the Universians and the Angels, Revalokai's spirit created a sinister being called Vyllax to impersonate the Dark Lord and instigate another massive war to throw everyone off his tracks. Once he was reconstructed, Vyllax sacrificed himself to make Revalokai more powerful. One decade later, the dark matter in Revalokai began to grow to the point that he became a Super-God, which is a being that can sustain mortal damage, but will regenerate as long as the soul is intact. This was further mutated after the consumption of a pure soul which turned him into a Dark-Being, which is a being that cannot be damaged by any universal means unless they harm the soul. After being wounded by a desperate attack by Demaya during a duel, he sacrificed his blade, Batsoryshu Ishyakhi, to reform into the form displayed now. With Batsoryshu gone, he searches the darkness for another blade to replace the monstrous Batsoryshu...
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November 19, 2012
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